What’s Your Tiny Story?

Fiddle Oak’s Big World: Self-Portrait

Actor, artist Joseph Gordon-Levitt, wondered what it would be like to collaborate creatively with artists from around the world. Gordon-Levitt’s seed of wondering grew into a collaborative production company called hitRECord that he and his brother, Dan, contribute to and manage. One result of hitRECord are the ‘tiny stories’ that are written, illustrated, and sometimes animated.

Nourished by the words,

“The universe is not made of atoms; it’s made of tiny stories.” ~Muriel Rukeyser & Wirrow

Gordon-Levitt encouraged thousands of collaborators to create tiny stories through words and art. The Tiny Book of tiny stories is a collection of these wonders. To date, there are three volumes published. You can see selections of tiny stories from Volume 3 on the Brain Pickings blog.

We all have ‘tiny stories’. What would be a tiny story about you?

Begin collecting your seeds of wonderings for your tiny story.


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