SOLSC #9: Intruders

The word intruder comes from the Latin word “trudere” meaning to thrust or push. Living in Malaysia has introduced me to a new variety of intruders that thrust and push their way into my home on occasion.

My favorite spot in my house is my living room couch that faces onto a wall of sliding glass doors that reveal the lush tropical environment that fills my back garden.

Sitting on the couch one afternoon, toggling between work and enjoying my view of bougainvilleas in full bloom and golden orioles flitting in and out of the red bamboo, I heard a scuffling sound to my left.

Irritated, I jumped up thinking my beagle had managed to get into the garbage yet again, when suddenly, I found myself face to face with a large, male macaque calmly perched on top of a cabinet eating the banana he had stolen from the fruit bowl in the kitchen.

Now, you may think monkeys are adorable, but I can assure you they are not when they bare their teeth and thrust their aggression at you.

They are also not adorable when they thrust their way into your kitchen gathering all they can hold and push their way back out, sitting just out of reach but within viewing distance. Taunting me as they consume their smorgasbord of pilfered vittles.

This is one intruder I prefer would KEEP OUT.


35 thoughts on “SOLSC #9: Intruders

  1. Wow, I never realized that they would just come in to your house like that. I would freak out if that were to happen to me. It’s interesting to hear about what they do…those little intruders.

    • All ended well. Our beagle chased the big guy upstairs and believe it or not, it squeezed out of the openings in our grill door gate. No animal or human harmed – just a bit rattled 🙂 This macaque was by far the largest and the first that got into the house and went beyond the kitchen.

  2. Monkeys are cute, but not in my home either! Wait, I live in Pennsylvania, so that’s HIGHLY unlikely!

    I had the same question Tara had. I’m glad you answered it because I’d be worried about your beagle until I knew he managed to escape unharmed. (And good for him for chasing the macaque out of your home!)

    Would you consider allowing me to share this slice of life story in an upcoming call for individual slice of life stories (i.e., under the “be inspired” section)? Please email me if that would be okay with you: stacey{at}staceyshubitz{dot}com. Thanks.

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