SOLSC #11: Worries

My thoughts are too filled with worries today to corral an idea and settle it into a worthy post.

We are nearing the end of our integrated Impacts unit in which students have been studying patterns of natural hazards within a country and working on developing a proposal to persuade ‘representatives of the UNISDR’ to fund a disaster risk reduction program for their assigned nation.

It is now time for students to synthesize their learning into a written and visual proposal that will be presented to a ‘panel of experts’ next week. As the deadline looms closer, nigglings of worries begin whispering in my ear.

I worry whether I have prepared students with enough background information.

I worry whether I have armed students with the skills necessary to complete the task.

I worry whether students have been granted enough time to pull it all together.

I worry whether I am creating stress in my students. 

Suddenly, the nigglings get louder and branch out to all corners of my thoughts.

I worry whether my passion for learning shines through to my students.

I worry whether my students understand the importance of building lifelong states of mind such as flexibility, interdependence, craftsmanship, efficacy and consciousness.  

I worry whether my students find the knowledge and skills presented in my class valuable.

I worry if I have conveyed the significance and importance of being a critical thinker. 

I worry if I have impressed upon my students the power of words.

I worry if I have passed on that EVERYONE is valued and their opinions matter. 

 I worry whether my students accept who they are and celebrate what makes them unique.

I worry whether my students know I and others care about them. 

I wonder if I am an effective teacher.

Launching these worries into cyberspace, I attempt to rid my mind of these toxic ruminations and move forward.

My mind settles.

I move on, thinking about how to guide and encourage students in the final stages of their proposal preparation.


45 thoughts on “SOLSC #11: Worries

  1. I have learned that stressing gets me sick. It also can make you think your going crazy!! Even though I am in 6th grade, I have been through it.

    • Sadly, stress has no age limits. At such a young age, I hope you have learned some coping strategies to help you manage your stress. Thanks for your support Dalton.

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