SOLSC #30: A Multitude of Sighs

To sigh, as defined by Oxford, is to “emit a long, deep audible breath expressing sadness, relief, tiredness, or similar.” In literature, a sigh often symbolizes a deep yearning.

Sighs escape without effort – an involuntary action communicating imprisoned thoughts. Although invisible, its message is powerful, as this audible breath can send someone running to you or away from you depending on its intent.

As I left the chaos of KL behind and headed for the beaches of Boracay, Philippines, a sigh expressed both my bone-tiredness and a deep yearning for a week without deadlines, demands or expectations. Nothing but family, friends and stunning scenery to tug at me. I was not disappointed.

Long walks on powdery, white sand beaches, only leaving behind the sand’s silky touch to plunge into the cool waters of the sea – a sigh of relief.

Hours spent poolside, watching the younger ones discover underwater treasures and fight off menacing, thieving sea monsters – a sigh of amusement.

Reclining on a sun lounge, getting lost in a book, or two, only looking up to breathe in the salty air of the sea and feel the cool breeze greet me – a sigh of gratitude.

Sunsets celebrating the end of a beautiful day, and welcoming the evening’s events – a sigh of anticipation.

Fine food and compelling conversations with good friends, long into the night – a sigh of thanks.

No demands. No deadlines. No expectations. A multitude of sighs.  Sighs symbolizing my deep yearning for a holiday and expressing my feelings of relief and gratitude upon delivery.

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6 thoughts on “SOLSC #30: A Multitude of Sighs

  1. Wow! So beautiful. I love reading your posts and trying to imagine all the exotic places you are. I rarely leave my back yard so I’m a little jealous. (Don’t feel sorry for me, I love my back yard.) I have only heard about how beautiful the Philippines is. You have confirmed it. Maybe it should go on my bucket list.

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