Slice #15: Symphony of Conversations

National Audubon Society Songbirds

Today, I completed my certification from the Adaptive Schools Foundation Seminar: Building Collaborative Capacity in Systems. It has been a productive and mentally exhausting four days. Arriving home at 4pm on a Sunday, it was all I could do to situate myself on the couch in my favorite room overlooking the jungle that spills down the hill of my back garden.

Closing my eyes, a symphony of birds filled my thinking – taking my thoughts on flight as I reflected on the craft of conversations.  Chirruping to one another, a variety of songbirds gathered to sing the praises of the day’s events, harmonizing the beauty with the coos of the zebra dove.

This call of the Sirens, lured in the warblers to add depth to the dialogue, which in turn, invited the long, low, spaced whistles of others -interjecting differing points-of-view.

Occasionally, a shrill call sliced through the air, quieting the crescendo of the conversation. Conflict quickly dissipated, however, as the songbirds, once again, asserted their harmonious voices – spreading joy.


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