SOLSC #22: Echoes of Warning

Apollo and Daphne by Pollaiolo, approx. 1470-1480

Outside the window of my favorite spot is a reminder of the tragic ‘love’ story between Apollo, son of Zeus, and the beautiful wood nymph Daphne, daughter of Peneus the river god.

A victim of Cupid’s anger and Apollo’s arrogance, Daphne promises to remain true to herself. She boldly informs her father she desires to run free through the woodlands without love to root her in place. Ironically, to honor his daughter’s wish, Peneus turns Daphne into a tree to save her from Apollo’s promises of love.

Although she has taken on the shape of a palm rather than a laurel tree, Daphne resides in a neighbor’s distant garden.

Swaying to the rhythm of the wind, the breeze carries Daphne’s echoes of warning to anyone who will listen.

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