SOLSC #20: A Person’s a Person

I find writing daily, extremely challenging. Writing daily and publishing my thoughts publicly is terrifying. Since entering the Slice of Life challenge posed by the Two Writing Teachers, my mind has not rested.

I look at the world through a new lens. I listen to conversations hoping to overhear a snippet that triggers a topic. I scrutinize my surroundings, noticing details typically ignored and try to twist them into some metaphorical aspect of my life. I pour through books, excavating quotes I might make a connection to. I peruse world events looking to what I might want to speak up about. I reminisce, wondering if my past is worth writing about. Thoughts of possibilities clutter my thinking and stir up anxieties.

In the vast universe of the Net, my post is but one speck of dust floating around waiting for someone to notice it. Each post blowing past through the air with a “yelp”. I reassure myself that if the first person doesn’t notice my “yelp,” perhaps a second or third person will.

I realize that worrying about whether my writing gets noticed or not isn’t why I joined the challenge. I joined to push myself to write daily. I joined to do something WAY outside my comfort zone. I joined to send the message to my students that writing is a form of expression worth toiling over as language is beautiful and powerful. I joined because I enjoy the challenge of writing.

Maybe only a few notice my “yelps”, but inconspicuousness is okay. Because really, I only need one Horton to believe in me.

“After all a person’s a person. No matter how small.”

Horton Hears a Who by Dr. Seuss. Published in 1954.