SOLSC #8: Feast of Sights and Sounds

Kuala Lumpur is a city of contrasts.

The alluring, illustrious Petronas Towers loom over dilapidated tin shacks sloping down banks of the muddy river.

Within a neighborhood, renovated modern bungalows push up against abandoned, structures crumbling with age.

Cemeteries wrap themselves around places of business reminding us of what is to come.

Stray cats and dogs search for scraps of food alongside macaques and wild boar.

Upscale markets and restaurants quietly service their patrons while stalls and vendors hawk their services and wares to bustling crowds.

A multitude of motorbikes dart around pretentious foreign cars on its busy city streets.

As of late, I find myself passing over the morsels in Kuala Lumpur’s banquet of sights and sounds.

I was reminded of its offerings the other day as I spied a roti man darting in and out of traffic.

Bread vendors have been pedaling their goods throughout the neighborhoods of Kuala Lumpur for over 50 years. Despite the intrusion of modernity creeping into their territory, their services are still honored and valued by many. Here’s to the roti men of KL.

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