SOLSC #3: Dear Dad

Inspired by the wise words of copywriter, Robert Pirosh in his cover letter to Hollywood, “I like words”, I dedicate the following words to my father on his birthday…

Dear Dad,

You know I like words, so to celebrate your birthday, I decided to share some words with you.

I like giving, overflowing generous words such as honorable, big-hearted and compassionate. I like oozing, lavish loving words such as affectionate, devoted and understanding. I like encouraging, nurturing supportive words such as protective and reassuring. I like enlightening wise words such as insightful, knowledgeable and clever. 

These words spring to mind when I think of you and all you have taught me over the years. These words describe you.

You are an inspiration, and I am lucky to have you in my life. Happy Birthday!

I love you.