Slice #24: Illuminating the Heavens

Van Gogh, Wheat Field in the Rain (1889)

Rain in Malaysia does not arrive unannounced and linger like an unwanted guest, butting its nose into our lives, loitering in our conversations. It does not hang about for days, weeks, upsetting our daily equilibrium. Nor does it cast its dark eye over our lives leaving us wanting, wondering if there is an end to its drizzling folly.

Instead, its earthy scent fills the air. Soft rumblings begin, sending the message of its impending arrival – growing louder as it nears its destination. Relief, carried by a burgeoning breeze, promises a hiatus from the oppressive heat. Suddenly, the world is awash in its glory; illuminating the heavens with its spectacular presence. Tapering off as quickly as it came, it leaves behind its promise of a return …. drip, drip, dripping in the sunshine of our memory.


SOLSC #17: Rivulets of Rain

With the skies refusing to rain down upon us over the past couple of months, Malaysia has been suffering. The sporadic spitting of rain has not been enough to fill our reservoirs resulting in government issued water rationing.

Mix the haze in with this dry heat and you get grumbling, restless people.

Today, tiring of our complaints, Zeus relented, showering us with hope for clear blue skies and overflowing reservoirs.

Rivulets of raindrops raced down leaves forming small puddles. Quenching a profound thirst, roots accepted the gift savoring each drop.

Fighting against the echoes of my childhood, “Rain, rain go away,” I will it to linger.

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