Slice #3: Journal and Journeys, an Ode

“20th century Spanish abstract art painter Joan Miro’s masterpiece with blue backgorund and minimalist black line and red dot abstract shapes.”


My children are growing up. My eldest daughter is graduating from college, joining the education realm. My son is graduating from high school, taking his first solo step into the “real world” while we live a half world away, and my youngest continues navigating her way through the ambiguity of middle school.

With moments of their childhood still fresh, I worry about and admire the journeys that lay ahead of them.

Journey and journal come from the same root, Latin dies, meaning “day.” The days of my children have left indelible impressions on my heart. Leafing through the pages of their days, reminiscing, I realize a new beginning is about to start…

Ode to Journals

My shelf

occupied with journals,



life is





its pages


the stories within.


In March,

with reckless abandon

the journal

near full,

taunts me…

in mirrors,

in an emptying home,

with fading memories.

It consumes

my thoughts with

lost opportunities and regrets.


Urgently, I must

begin again:

the pen


the page



a new




takes up residence

in the emptiness

of life.


And, on

the shelf, at the precipice

of life,

the journal,

caretaker of history,


its dreams,

its faith,

its hope,

and endless possibilities

no fear,

no hesitations,

no questions or regrets

the journal bestows

its beauty

of life

and the human condition.


Today’s inspiration springs from the famous Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda’s, odes.


43 thoughts on “Slice #3: Journal and Journeys, an Ode

  1. I enjoyed your piece and love your poem.
    I especially love the verse that starts “In March…”- I was caught up in emotion from there- mirrors, empty house…
    Your poem, visually, is very long and lean. I wonder if you would like it if you doubled up lines. There would be a bit more flow, I think. Just a thought.
    Keep writing, of course!

  2. This is lovely. My boys haven’t lived at home for at least ten years, and I miss them every day. But, this new phase of your life is full of “endless possibilities” and it sounds like you’re ready to embrace them!

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